viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

 Breach & Clear

This game is a turn based, squad controlling Xcom style game. It takes place in the present day, with real life missions, guns, and Spec Ops Units. Each mission places you in control of a small squad (each country has a small perk, i.e. SEALS have faster reactions). Your team consists of different classes, each with special abilities.As you level up, your troops unlock new abilities and you weapons are customizable too.
The game runs silky smooth, the controls feel great, and the visuals have definitely gotten a nice upgrade. Setting up waypoints and firing angles feels even better with a mouse than touchscreen.
Visually it´s not the game with best graphics in the world but... It has cool little touches such as your troopers realistically leaning around cover to fire.

Next to what i said before I will put the pros and cons of the game :D

+Fast Paced Combat.
+Easy to learn how to play it
+Deep Costimzation. You can pick out your troops guns, hats, attachments, and more
+Varied maps.
+Decent Port.
+Amazing soundtrack
-Bad UI in menus. Seems to be better suited to the tapping of a tablet than clicking of a mouse
-No real other gripes except a few things that didnt make it from the IoS version.

My Score for this game is: 85
 If you enjoy tactical gameplay with a realistic edge  you will love this game :D!

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