domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

3 Stars of Destiny

The story is about Random(it´s the main character :D) and his friends before the events of Laxius Power. In this game they have to save the world from a god Ozur.
In essence, the story is not much too different from the standard RPG fare of "Hero-Saves-the-World, but it's the execution of the story that makes the game stand out among it's peers. 

You can play it in Easy, Normal or Hard and you have not problems for choosing modes (like choosing easy mode  and have somewhat restricted in other games). 
This game is not a *copy - paste* of RPG Maker games creator because it has a good mix of custom and standard sets for the characters and places ( meaning that they are unique ).
The battles are standard like any RPG with custom graphics for the characters and places, so, if you like the RPG battle modes i´m sure that you will like that one too. 
About the quests, the game had apart from the main quests a large amount of side quests that allow you to enjoy, explore and discover more about the history of the game.
In this game you will find things different to the others RPG games, like hidden objects that make you explore in the game to discover them, also limited avaliability of item, and other things that make this game more playable than a normal RPG.

My score for this game is: 80
If you like the RPG games and you have not played it , go and play it
You will not regret it.

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