viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014


A FPS something different than what we have seen in recent years, faster gameplay and more dynamic, a game recommended.
Just another FPS Bulletstorm is what we are used to, except that it has a somewhat different pattern to fashion FPS (CoD, Halo, BF), this game has something that hits you pretty and has many ways to kill the enemy, either melee or with your whip or the few but brutal weapons in game and of course you can also use the environment.
The gameplay of this game is common like everyone, what I mean by dynamic is that you have to do Skillshots and find a unique way to kill an enemy with either the famous bullets Headshot or put him in the butt or just pierce the throat and many others and the environment. Both the keyboard and the mouse do a role, quite comfortable playability and accurate as I need ability to how to kill the enemy. The command is also comfortable for those who like to play more with your XBOX360 control is also a good choice.
The game is very well optimized unlike other games but if you have a very good optimization in my case the game moves fluid at a rate of more than 60 FPS without any slump, the particle effect is well done and well done.
In the area of ​​graphics the game has good graphic quality, a fairly well-made textures and effects in water or blood, smoke, toxic fumes are well done, the quality of shadows are well done also the same as the explosions, but as I said the graphics are not important.
The sound, the more fascinated I really play it in English, one hears better swearing, insults etc, tastes are tastes, bullets, sounds and music enemies or environment play well, the effects of when you stick a Headshot an enemy or throat heard of disgust (in a good way, very filthy stuff themselves).
Innovation, because for me it is the first game in which you use a lot of things to kill, but he added the whip although I have seen a game where we also handle a whip but do not remember.
To conclude the game is quite entertaining and very good at playing solo or coop. The truth is a recommended game if you want something other than FPS fashion Bulletstorm is a good choice.

My score for this game is: 90 
I like it :D!

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