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The sequel of Left 4 Dead gets better the first half despite the little innovation , and the problem is that with only a year apart can not do much really . It is a title that may like or not those who have already played the first installment and may appeal to those who are not familiar with the series and play Left 4 Dead for the first time with this second part.

History of Left 4 Dead 2 is not the strong suit , as this is divided into five seasons (eight with downloadable content ) whose storyline between the two is very slight. It begins with an introduction that I quite liked , although it is somewhat "liar" with what the game actually offers . This ends with a few survivors on a terrace fail to reach a rescue helicopter , which they see how it away from them . Here's how it begins Left 4 Dead 2 ,armed with a crowbar and pistols, killing every zombie that crosses us as we pass through the halls of a hotel infested .

This game is basically go from point A to B killing any zombie that is crossed, there is not much around. Arguably is somewhat repetitive , because all you have to do is kill , no puzzles to solve or anything, something I did not like that much . Each campaign is divided into five or four levels , and is always the final where we escaped , either on our own or someone rescues us . The finishes are based on stand and survive, they are the most complicated parts of each campaign. Here not much changes the game, most of the final look similar , but the end of the campaign that was more to my liking is the second season : defend against enemies everything we can on stage , listening to pure rock , full of lights and fireworks bursting boxes ... the end of the season I liked most of the game, and yes I enjoyed it .

There are different types of zombies : normal and special , which is six zombies with a unique ability to complicate things. Throughout history we will find somewhere with a zombie boss named Tank, but unfortunately is always the same and this game does not vary much . Each campaign has its special or unique zombie , which can be tougher or stronger, but nothing more. In this installment , enemies react more realistically to bullets , but not entirely , because with an AK -47 we can from a zombie in half and smash it with only three bullets.
Something that I did not really like was the fact that the first time we play we will have the opportunity to play until the latter part of last season if we wanted . That is, we have everything unlocked , which I did not like it much, because I expected that campaigns go unlocked as you progress in the story.

Do not expect to see many cinematics , because throughout history we will see very few , which are basically the ones that open and close a campaign. They are very short and they are very poor . In Left 4 Dead 2 we can choose whether to play or just an online campaign , and no matter what we choose, always be the group of four survivors who are Coach , Rochelle , Nick and Ellis. Do not care much we use, virtually all are equal , no one has something special , the only difference is the appearance. The AI ​​of both the enemies like humans, is right and proper . But there are times when a special enemy attacks us , our colleagues will do nothing and lose a considerable amount of life to react (this only happened to me twice).

The controls are correct and are comfortable . I 'm a console gamer and I could adapt quickly and easily to the keyboard. The difficulty of this game is high, it is not easy , always talking up the normal difficulty , things get very complicated. Left 4 Dead 2 is an addictive and fun game, although the duration of the story could be a problem , complete the story we will take from 6-8 hours, but you can always turn to the multiplayer modes .
Graphically the game is good, although you may notice the change of introducing graphic and gameplay, although this difference is somewhat slight . The modeling of both survivors and enemies , is good, though arguably some zombies modeling is superior to others. The scenarios also liked , there are some fairly cornered , some not so, but overall we go through the scenarios are well done .
I liked the sound effect , sounds of the weapons are fine, as are the effects of audio from enemies and the soundtrack. Although the game is not scary nor scary when you have to go near a Witch somewhere dark listening as she cries , can give us a little thing, but nothing to worry about .
This sequel does not show many new things to say, although it is good to have three new multiplayer modes , three new types of special zombies and to debut the melee weapons , this game is very similar to the above , the same graphics engine and same style of campaigning. Despite this, the game continues to be very entertaining and fun.

  • Very entertaining
  • Very good to play with friends
  • Improvements from first game
  • Good graphics, both as characters modeled scenarios
  • Good sound paragraph
  • Very slight argument between campaign and campaign Hilo
  • Something repetitive
  • Slight innovation
Left 4 Dead 2 is not a game of innovation , that 's clear , but the fun and entertainment offered by the first delivery shown in the same way in this sequel but improved form . As I said at the beginning of the analysis, this game may not like both those who have already played the first game, but will not disappoint those who touch the series for the first time through this part .

My score for this game is : 84
Really Good game but something repetitive in sometimes :D

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